Teaching (and learning) in London

I had an amazing experience on the Hridaya Teacher Training course; three months of meditation, yoga, community and love.

When I came back to the UK I was fortunate and happy to be given the opportunity to replace my good friend Naz in teaching at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre.

I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to share the teachings that really affected me so profoundly. I was nervous at first about the process of teaching. Getting up and speaking in front of others was not something I had much experience with, but it didn’t take me long to get into a space where my confidence in the teachings themselves was enough and I became a conduit.

The Hridaya Hatha yoga style is maybe a bit different to what people are used to from yoga in a big city. I saw an article last week about all the new styles of yoga class that are happening. Anti-gravity yoga, boxing yoga, yoga with a pumping dance soundtrack and “Broga” (for men) all offer something different, I’m sure, but for me, the simplicity of a deep practice is what yoga is all about.

Extremely physical practices where you come out covered in sweat and can’t walk for 3 days afterwards for me bring more tension, particularly in the city where the pace of life is already so quick.

I like to offer the opportunity to really switch off from city life, to go inside and find a meditative space while doing some gentle stretching.

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